Kerikeri Rotary Club

Supporting youth and community projects across Kerikeri and the Mid North

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Meeting Location: 15 Homestead Road, Kerikeri

About The Kerikeri Rotary Club

We’re here to serve and develop our town and our region. And to have fun doing so.

Kerikeri is seen as the jewel of New Zealand’s Mid North. A nice place to live with a great infrastructure. Of course, this didn’t just ‘happen’. It’s a direct result of community spirit, community involvement and community input.

The Rotary Club of Kerikeri is one of the mainstays of this community focus. This is a club of doers. Of people who make things happen. Young and ‘young at heart’ from all sectors of the community.
All our members have one thing in common: a desire to see our town and community thrive and grow.

Are you a doer? Do you want to get involved and make things happen for the benefit of the community you live in? Get in touch – you’re needed!

What We Do

You don’t have to be a Rotarian to get involved with the stuff we do. We’re always on the look-out for willing volunteers. You know, many hands and all that.
If you’d like to get stuck in and help us make things happen around here please drop us a line and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can.

Shelter Box

Rotary International has adopted ShelterBox, an international organisation delivering life-saving emergency shelter and humanitarian aid, as its first global project partner.

Of all the Rotary Clubs and other funding organisations in New Zealand, the Rotary Club of Kerikeri has financed the greatest number of ShelterBoxes – more than 25 to date, and counting.


Several of our members put their time and effort into regional or international medical projects, while the Club as a whole funds many others. In recent years we’ve been involved with bringing people to New Zealand from neighbouring countries for life-saving or life-enhancing surgery, including 25 children identified as part of a Rotary Oceania Medical Assistance for Children (ROMAC) programme.

Polio Eradication

Our club is an enthusiastic supporter of the Rotary International ‘End Polio Now’ campaign and we have raised significant funds over the years in support of this worthy objective.
Rotary International and its partners have reduced polio cases by 99 percent worldwide since its first project to vaccinate children in the Philippines in 1979. We are close to eradicating polio, but we need your help. Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours, here are some ways to make a global impact and protect children against polio forever.

Student Exchange

Rotary Youth Exchange provides thousands of young people with the opportunity to meet people from other lands and to experience their cultures. This plants the seeds for a lifetime of international understanding.

Rotary Youth Leadership Exchange

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is a week-long leadership development programme for 20-28 year olds hosted and sponsored by Rotary Clubs. RYLA is an experiential live-in programme designed to help young people develop their team work and communication skills and fulfil their potential as leaders.

Educational Support & Skills Development

One of our members sourced and secured a $130,000 grant from Rotary International, enabling a Far North education trust to expand a revolutionary internet-based teaching system across the region. The initiative, led by the Kaikohekohe Educational Trust, seeks to improve academic results and reduce truancy. It gives children from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to embrace the wealth of learning resources available on the Internet and to learn anywhere, any time and at any pace. At its heart is the concept of learning by sharing, something the internet has made much more possible than before. The Rotary Club of Kerikeri administers this grant on behalf of Rotary International.

Sport & Culture

In recent years we’ve provided logistical marine support for the marathon hoe waka challenge and travel funding for both the Mid North Special Olympics team and the Kerikeri High School Sailing Team. We’ve also helped the Kerikeri Scout Troop with travel funding so its members can attend a skills development Snow School.
We helped fund construction of the ‘Jock’s Drop’ feature of the Waitangi Forest Mountain Bike Trail, named after the late Jock Hodgson, a member of our club.

Want To Contribute?

There are several ways to become involved with the Rotary Club of Kerikeri and the work we do.
You can talk to us about becoming a member. You can join our database of non-member community volunteers to become involved in some of the projects we work on. Or you can set us to work on a community project of your choice.

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